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Laigueglia smells of sea and bicycles

The Trofeo Laigueglia, in the province of Savona, Liguria, historically opens the Italian professional cycling calendar in the Baia del Sole

The racecourse runs through a fascinating area of Liguria, from Alassio, Albenga, to Ceriale and then the Testico ascent up from Stellanello, and then again Andora with the Colla Micheri climb, which leads to an enchanting medieval village.

 We are in a unique part of Liguria, on one side the sea with the famous island of Gallinara with its enthralling and mysterious history, on the other the classic promontories full of vineyards, olive trees and flower production in greenhouses.

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Colla Micheri is a special place: an ancient medieval settlement, consisting of a handful of houses invisible from the sea, built behind the hill to hide them from the sight of the Saracens who plundered the Ligurian coast.

At Colla Micheri, time seems to stand still.

It is no coincidence that the Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and filmmaker Thor Heyerdahl, Oscar winner for best documentary (Kon-Tiki, 1952), also chose to live in Colla Micheri.

After travelling the world, he sought paradise on earth.  He arrived here and has not moved since.

In Laigueglia, every season is good for cycling, discovering an unparalleled territory and enjoying its food and wine specialities.

So is spring, which in Laigueglia comes early, as early as February, as if arriving in Italy from the west. It is the best time to explore the inland, enjoying the scents and flowers that Liguria is most appreciated for.

 So is summer, when in Laigueglia you can experience the sea in all its forms: sailing, windsurfing, diving and underwater archaeology are the activities of choice for the sportiest, while at the bath establishments also families enjoy a wonderful holiday suitable for all ages.

But so is autumn as well; an extremely mild season in these areas that call for bicycle rides or hikes to enjoy the olive groves or the maritime pines that stand out against the sea.

While the Trofeo celebrates its 60th edition, a few days before the Gran Fondo Laigueglia Lapierre celebrates its 25th birthday. In 2022 there were more than 1,300 amateur cyclists and cycling enthusiasts: the first seasonal occasion to race against the clock in a suggestive area. The Gran Fondo is scheduled on Sunday, February 26, on a 118 km route that finishes at the top of Colla Micheri, an iconic climb also for the final section at the Trofeo Laigueglia.

The Trofeo Laigueglia is not the first two-wheel event of the year, nor will it be the last. In 2023 a stage of the Trofeo Ponente in Rosa, an important women’s professional cycle stage race, will also finish in Laigueglia.

It is another important sporting event that involves the village, as happened in 2011 for the first stage of the Giro della Padania, won by Sacha Modolo.

Because Laigueglia has always breathed cycling.

Laigueglia smells of sea and bicycles.