The course

Over the years the course has become testing and suggestive: it opens the season and immediately tests the form of the riders.

With the inclusion of the Colla Micheri final circuit it has become an even more spectacular and tougher race, with an always surprising finish.


The initial 30 km are easy, up to the first mountain sprint, Cima Paravenna. With around 80 km to go (total distance: 202 km) the course takes in a testing climb – the Testico. However, it is early for selection: the route runs down to Albenga, continues along the Aurelia until Alassio and Laigueglia where, at around 44 km to the finish, the riders enter the final circuit. The athletes must climb Colla Micheri and Capo Mele four times.

Colla Micheri is a steep climb: A total ascent of around 2 km, with an average gradient of over 7%.

The bottom of the climb in Laigueglia, Via Monaco. Right away, the legs will have to work hard. After the first kilometre, a hairpin bend at 9% and then for 500 metres the riders can catch their breath. And they need to: the last 500 metres have a slope of over 10%. The riders climb up to 165 metres above sea level: past the last hairpin bend in Via Castello Romano they will finally plunge downhill again towards Laigueglia.

General Map

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